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Nativity of St. John the Baptist parish

Nativity of St John the Baptist parish is located at 32 Stahanovskaya street, 220009,Minsk (Belarus). The compound includes the chapel of The Holy Prophet Zachariah and the Righteous Elizabeth (erected in 2010) and the church of the Nativity of Saint John The Baptist (under construction). The parish reactor is Fr. Theodore Желенговский.

The parish was founded in October 1995. The construction of the chapel began in 1998. The parish purchased the site to build the main temple on 17 july 2001. The foundation capsule was laid by Filaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk on 7 july 2003. The temple of the Nativity of St John The forerunner of Jesus was consecrated on the Feast of the Precious Wood of the Life-giving Cross of Jesus Christ. The baptistary of the Saints Zachariah and Elizabeth was consecrated on 7 july 2010.

The parish has the active social live. There is the sunday school for teens and children, the parish library, the choir rehearsal, the study of local lore and fine arts.

The orthodox parish of the Nativity of John the Baptist was founded and registred in 1995 by blessing of Filaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk. It is located in the Partisan district (Minsk, Belarus). The parishioners aim to build the stone-work temple not far from the underground station "Tractor Plant" ("Tractornii zavod"), in the Student's park ("Uchenicheski skver"). 
    According to the project the churche is going to be the gaunt building looking like the ark. The church will include the belfry (zvonitsa) over the vestibule, the cuplola over the main building part and the alter apse. The temple will be the precious of the district.  

Строительство храма.

В ближайшее время планируется освящение шатра для колокольни, и купола, и креста правящим архиереем.