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There are three choirs in the parish, they are the best choir, the weekday choir, the parish choir.

The best choir serves the  church services of Sundays and Great Feasts. In the majoryty there are the young adultas in the choir, who are the students or who graduated from the Academy of Music, religious colleges, etc. The precentor is Olga Shimanskaya, who graduated from the Religious College of Minsk.

The everyday choir sings on weekdays and in the Saturday mornings. The choir consists of the alumni of the Religious College of Minsk, where the chanters have deep knowledge of the churche services. The precentor is Irina Borodivh, the alumni of the Religious College of Minsk.

The parish choir serves the erly divine liturgy on Sunday and Great Feasts. The chanters are the parishioner of the church, that have been praying for yaers at the  choir. The parishioners, who want to study the church sevice singing, are accepted to this choir. The  precentor is Olga Suares, who graduated from the  Belarusian State Academy of Music and works as the teacher at the  Religious College of Minsk.

The belivers, who want to sign in the choirs, must ask the blessing from the reactor of the parich and being interviewed by the precentor. The contacts are +375 29 7709245 (mts) and +375 29 6124601 (vel).